BTS-22 – High Performance Sports Cruiser

  • BTS-22 – High Performance Sports Cruiser
  • LOA: 6.81m
  • Draft: 1.5m
  • Displacement: Your Choice
  • Gennaker Area: 67m2
  • Berths: 4
  • Price from £75,000

Introducing the BTS-22 – High Performance Sports Cruiser

Sometimes referred to as the BSC22, this pocket rocket is designed for real sailing enthusiasts who value performance above all else! Built using the same hull shape and keel configuration as the BTC22, this blasting machine features an even larger cockpit for a full racing crew.

Like the BTC22, the BTS22 is built on a light, resin infused hull, but due to a high carbon content, boasts an even higher level of ‘stiffness’ at an even lower weight.

The BTS22 also sports an all carbon rig which carries more sail than the BTC22, 43m2 upwind and 67m2 downwind, for an addreneline fuelled sailing experience! Like the BTC-22 the BTS has an open deck plan which features modern high spec deck fittings and trimming systems, managed from the cockpit, making for an efficient sailing experience for the whole crew. The carbon tiller of the BTS22 is well positioned in the centre of the cockpit, enabling easy access to all control lines. The helm, connected via a stainless steel/carbon fibre rod steering system, feels superbly well balanced under sail in a wide range of wind strengths.

Despite the performance layout, crew will feel safe on-board with double guard wires led through cleverly placed outboard stanchions all around, enabling ease of movement on the BTS’s wide gangways to man the foredeck.

The profiled bulb keel and twin rudders not only produce plenty of stiffness and grip but lift for easy trailering to your sailing location. Like the BTC22, this small yacht  points exceptionally well and its even quicker – it’s heavier sister has been clocked at 15kts off the wind!

Being more race orientated, the BTS22 has a little less room below deck but even this boat boasts good headroom and sleeps 4 crew in whatever level of comfort you wish to bestow.

Each BTS22 is customised to suit the owners requirements. So, talk to us about the yacht you wish to design and we will put together a tailor made estimate for you.