Astus 20.5

  • Astus 20.5
  • LOA: 5.95m
  • Draft: 1.25m/0.25m
  • Displacement: 490kg (Resin Infusion)/540 (Contact)
  • Max. Unfolded Width: 4.5m
  • Max. Folded Width: 2.48m
  • Berths: 2
  • Price from £39,950 Inc VAT

Summer Offer!

Get hold of our 20.5 stock boat – available now! 

Offering exhilarating performance yet easy to rig, handle and tow to your favourite sailing areas, the Astus 20.5 trimaran is now even better.  The Small Yacht Company are giving away a free gennaker with furler and bowsprit with the 2023 stock boat we have on site right now!

Described by Astus Boats as their Coastal Cruiser, the 20.5 is rapidly becoming their most successful trimaran to date. No wonder. As a result of its  partnership with world renowned naval architects, VPLP, Astus Boats have come up with a real head turner. Huge floats with wave piercing hulls placed further apart and forward give the new 20.5 a very contemporary look and a truly stable platform.

Blistering speeds can be achieved at a crew-friendly low angle of heel. Of course, with speed comes extended range. Previously out-of-reach destinations become a real possibility for day-trips or weekends thanks to a cabin for two, featuring a long v-berth, plenty of storage and an off-set centre board for easy access.

The Astus 20.5 succeeds the popular Astus 20.2, of which 120 were sold. With the 20.5 Astus have been bold – the new boat builds on the successful features of previous models but now goes a whole lot further:

– High-performance with modern, sporty lines offering effortless double digit boat speeds

– Stability and a low angle of heel courtesy of massive 930 litre floats

– Simple to rig and handle – single handed mast stepping is realistic

– Easily towed –  the ‘Infusion’ built boat weighs in at only 490kg, so it can be towed by a Ford KA!

– Retractable floats and shallow draft provide limitless opportunities to explore new sailing areas

– Can be used as a weekend cruiser with a long v-berth for overnight stays and masses of storage under the cockpit

– Low cost of ownership – maintenance is minimal and garage or driveway storage is a realistic option

– Multiple options from ‘Leisure’ to ultralight ‘Infusion’ models and sport rigs to suit every sailing style

– Affordable prices, starting at only £30,250 inc VAT/ex works (all prices are subject to the prevailing exchange rate).

Special Offer!

We have a new 2023 stock boat on site right now, ready to go with:

  • Break-back road trailer
  • Bigger sports rig
  • Sports sail control fittings
  • Stainless steel pulpit
  • Outboard bracket
  • Coachroof hatch
  • Free gennaker, furler and bowsprit!
  • All for £39,950 inc VAT!

But hurry – we only have one stock boat available. When its gone, its gone!

Or enquire today about the detailed Astus 20.5 price list and to find out more

Still not convinced? Don’t just take our word for it, read the review by David Harding of Yachting Monthly magazine who describes this exciting trimaran as ‘tremendous fun’! Or try one yourself – we have a demonstrator ready in Hampshire.

  • Overall length central hull: 5.95 m
  • Float length: 5.90 m
  • Max unfolded floats width: 4.50 m
  • Folded floats width 2.48 m (within maximum towing width)
  • Displacement: 490 Kg (with main hull in infusion build)
  • Float volume: 930 litres / float
  • Draught:1.25 m/0.25 m pivoting center-board and rudder
  • Sail area upwind: 21 m² standard version / 24 m² sport version
  • Sail area downwind: 34 m² standard version / 42 m² sport version
  • Maximum engine power: 6 HP (4.5 kw)
  • EC Categorisation:
    • Category C: 5 persons 425 Kg
    • Category D: 7 persons 550 Kg

Design: Jean-Hubert POMMOIS
Architect: VPLP Design

Two versions to choose from:


Sail area upwind: 21m ²

Sail area downwind: 34m ²

  • Mainsail in dacron, one reef with boom
  • Jib in dacron with Furler
  • Forward storage area and storage under the cockpit
  • 4 block main sheet
  • Mainsail track
  • 2 trampolines
  • Pivoting centreboard and rudder


Sail area upwind: 24m ²

Sail area downwind: 42m ²

  • Square top mainsail and jib in Aramid Black Technora
  • Option of a wing mast
  • Winch for sport gennaker
  • Endless jib furler
  • Traveller for mainsheet
  • 6 block mainsheet tackle
  • Telescopic tiller extension
  • Sport graphics

More info: Astus Boats Website

Review: Yachting Monthly